He doesn't want to eat Eren, he wants Eren to realise that the Marley government is the true Government and that both he and Zeke were used by their parents. Eren needs Zeke to use the Founding Titan and, as of the latest episode, he has him. In chapter 120 Eren and zeke are traveling… Look at the zoomed image, it is different from the top model and it seems to have body and head, if you look at the silhouettes below there is a window but it is at the head of the silhouettes. The older soldier then helped the ambush back in … Lets have a look. Zeke didn't have to finish, Eren knew exactly what he was talking about. Zeke projects his own emotional trauma and his childhood self onto Eren, and his desire to save Eren in fact comes from the desire to save his traumatized childhood self. Zeke's betrayal comes as a shocker to Gabi and Falco as the soldiers reflect on the past. and that is why Grisha is obsessed with Eren  But why does Eren need to use the Founding Titan at all? "Attack on Titan" Season 4, Episode 10 (or Episode 69) is titled "A Sound Argument." Eren was told by zeke that, actually ackerman girl probably love you unconditionally. He groaned quietly and placed a hand over his face, “You never let me forget it.” That was … But it is undeniable, that Eren has a very valid point: if the same mistakes happen, the same hate cycle will flow. Zeke Yeager, Reiner, Annie, and Bertholdt use their titan powers to try to get the coordinates from Eren. If you have read 130 chapter you must know that eren said he has only 4years of lifetime left. Warning: Major spoilers ahead from season 4 Season 4 of Attack on Titan has been on a chaotic high after its fifth episode, titled, “Declaration of War.” In episode 7, “Assassin’s Bullet,” Zeke once again fought a losing match with the scouts’ leader Levi Ackerman and … Karl Fritz (カール・フリッツ, Kāru Furittsu) The pair united on Marley after Eren began his undercover operation. Grisha grew up in Marley as a captured Eldian. If Willy Tybur was correct in earlier episodes, then Eren wants to initiate The Rumbling-- a catastrophic event that would bring tens of millions of Colossal Titans to the shores of Marley, and then the rest of the world. When Eren and Zeke manage to enter the Coordinate, the latter revealed to have nullified Karl Fritz's renouncement vow to personally engage his scheme of sterilizing all Subjects of Ymir, Eren manages to convince Ymir to aid him of her own freewill in exterminating all life outside Paradis. Well, Zeke and Eren both share the same father, Grisha, who raised both kids separately and very differently. So the more Zeke hates Grisha, the more he’d want to save Eren - his little brother who shares the same woe. Eren may have wanted it gone to ensure the safety of Paradis.-Him and all of his friends were still in Marley-He did not have the warhammer titan yet so it would be much more difficult to defend his founding titan and escape tricky situations-He may have needed Zeke to be connected to his titan body or just transformed to activate the titan According to Zeke, he has been working with Eren for awhile now. Armin probably learns about the euthanasia plan from Zeke, and being the 5000 IQ player in the story, he will upgrade the plan, and the solution with it tenfold.