SPECIALIZED IN PRODUCING IMAGE OF PEOPLE, Edu Lopes knows the best where to put the lenses and how to photograph with heart, emotion and soul.  Portray the plasticity in photos of regular people is one of his strongest suits and he really brings this concept into his production on the publicity area.

The professional career began at the launch of the “Caras” magazine,  has also worked in the implantation of Época and IstoÉ Gente magazines. While working for “Editora Três”, he assisted in the conception of “ AG IstoÉ” agency, responsible for the photography production of all publications made by the group. In their last work  in magazines, he came back as photography editor of Caras.

In parallel with the photojournalism works and fashion editorials, Edu founded his own photograph studio in 2001. The photographer made his break among the agencies for showcasing a human side in photography. As he took part in the implantation of many successful magazines, he has experimented a lot and developed his own style, which brings publicity and journalism closer together.

Edu has photographed publicity campaigns for private companies and the Federal Government. The result can be seen in dozens of campaigns, including Vale, Credicard, Odebrecht, Vivo, Gafisa, Albert Einstein, África Global, WWF, UNICEF, MTV, Fiat, Cinemark, Sam’s Club, Brasil Telecom, beyond social ads for Federal Government, and presidential campaigns for Dominicana Republic.

He also obtains the best pictures of executives of large business groups, and is one of the most sought for political marketing campaigns. Some examples are portrays of company leaders from Pão de Açucar, Unilever, Claro, KPMG, HSBC, Santander, campaigns of Brazilian Government.


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“Edu’s works impress me. He has an amazing talent to portrait people and he uses that to obtain great result when photographing both, common people and celebrities.” Nizan Guanaes




“Edu really know how to capture the soul, the emotion and the heart of whoever he is photographing. He is one of the top photographers of our generation.” Sérgio Amado