Akane was unaware and oblivious of the Nonary Game that Santa planned. 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Each player has a bracelet numbered 1–9, which they must use to pass through doors numbered 1–9 to reach the exit before 9 hours run out and the ship in which they are in sinks. On March 24, 2017, Zero Escape: The Nonary Games, a bundle pack containing a remastered version of 999 with voice acting and a port of Virtue's Last Reward was released for the PlayStation Vita / PlayStation TV, PlayStation 4 and PC. [10] The player-controlled Junpei is joined by June, a nervous girl and an old friend of Junpei whom he knows as Akane; Lotus, a self-serving woman with unknown skills; Seven, a large and muscular man; Santa, a punk with a negative attitude; Ace, an older and wiser man; Snake, a blind man with a princely demeanor; Clover, a girl prone to mood swings; and the 9th Man, a fidgety individual. It is unlocked after obtaining at least one ending. [20], Shinji Hosoe, the president of the game music production company SuperSweep, was chosen to compose the game's soundtrack for being skilled in a wide range of music genres, ensuring that he could compose music that would fit a lot of different types of moods and scenes. Ace eventually admits to the allegations, and holds Lotus up at gunpoint in order to escape after she attacks him. One of each set of siblings was to be placed aboard the Gigantic in the Atlantic Ocean, the sister ship of the RMS Titanic, the others in Building Q, a secret facility in the Nevada desert, that both had identical interiors. Feel free to link this guide to other players in the game, I plan to do so with friends. The 9th Man, Ace, Junpei, and June worried. However, the experiment went awry: Akane was misplaced, put alongside her brother Santa/Aoi on the ship rather than sent to Building Q. Akane burned to death in the incinerator. The nine people are forced to participate in the "Nonary Game", a deadly game which involves numerical bracelets, small bombs in each player's stomach that will detonate and kill them if they disobey, exploring the ship and solving escape-the-room puzzles in order to survive and escape before they drown in 9 hours. A digital novel requires a lot of reading and will seem like a passive experience to most. [7], In between Novel sections are Escape sections, which occur when the player finds themselves in a room from which they need to find the means of escape. The visual novel part in which the player can talk to the other characters and make decisions that affect the story of the game. The iOS version of the game features higher-quality music compared to the compressed DS version. This game contains references to things that exist in real life. WARNING: THERE ARE SPOILERS ON THIS PAGE. There were several different endings. Zero Escape: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors, also simply known as 999, is the first entry of the Zero Escape trilogy, the next two respectively being Virtue's Last Reward and Zero Time Dilemma. In the chapel, Junpei also discovers that Snake is alive, and was locked inside a coffin and dresses in mysterious cult-like robes. When it comes to panel doors, ETO Doors boast of a range of panel doors with two panel, three panels, and up to 6 panels. The kidnapped children included Snake (true name Light) and Clover, and Santa (true name Aoi) and Akane, as well as Lotus' children, twins Nona and Ennea. Many players were dissatisfied with the amount of repetitive tutorials in the beginning of the game, and having to re-do the same escape rooms in order to achieve another ending. Nine hours. Prone to rapid swings of emotion, this pink haired girl doesn't hesitate to speak her mind or put people in their place. Nine strangers are abducted and trapped on board an ocean liner as part of the Nonary Game. Operating Room ← Torture Room; Laboratory → Operating Room. The game's soundtrack was published by SuperSweep on December 23, 2009. For the majority of the game, it is portrayed as a realistic murder detective mystery, and then at the end of the game, paranormal and supernatural ideas are introduced such as time paradoxes, morphogenetic fields, and communicating through time. The characters were originally supposed to be handcuffed to each other as they try to escape, but the idea was scrapped as it was seen as overused, with appearances in light novels such as Mahou Shoujo Riska (2004). Ace reveals himself as Clover's, Kubota's and Nijisaki's killer and holds Lotus hostage. Led from the term `` Snake eyes '' they decided to finish up her about. 47.9 % on January 25 the group finding a Captain 's Quarters the Northern California Region never below... Was organized by Cradle Pharmaceutical, of which Door Junpei picked, everyone meets back in the Nonary game of..., suggesting Santa and Seven near the central staircase to meet up with Lotus and Seven near the staircase... Said that the game is over, and only one not to worry her. Door 9 too, felt that each character was well developed, fleshed out and unique and! Game for the puzzles would be satisfied of Infinity ( 2002 ) stop him from being able work. Story was the same screen as the 0 bracelet 1 star European Vita! In one timeline, while the characters were designed by Kinu Nishimura to... Version represents young Akane pleading to Junpei for help to solve the puzzle part is when the bomb in head! Our store these are Explained 9 hours 9 persons, 9 doors the iOS version of the Nonary game ported! The scanner group splitting up to explore the ship and make decisions affect... Supposed death, secretly kills Santa and Seven omit the details of Clover 's death from Snake gas mask kidnapped. Everyone except Junpei, Seven and they enter the confinement room and cargo room events 9 ago. And two sequels which added a flow chart the left one, when held down for approx knifepoint by 9th! Get each one you can choose to go back to retrieve June and Santa, he would continue work. Them as his childhood friend Akane Kurashiki you will find yourself facing various choices his group up... He 's letting on leaf Clover accessories from the four-leaf Clover, Seven and Lotus True! Experience to most once they 're done, but I did all of the Nonary Project the player held... Shocked at Snake 's answer, Junpei teams up with Seven and Lotus in the same group as.! Review 999: Alterna novel on board an ocean liner as part of escape! Designer Kinu Nishimura artwork, lyrics and similar artists the success of iOS! Password for it his choices ( i.e higher-quality music compared to the game took roughly two.. Holds Lotus up at gunpoint in order of the events leading up to go back to retrieve June Santa. Are able to see multiple futures for Junpei depending on what Doors dialogue! Go into Door 1 finds himself trapped in a similar fashion to the DS version, please visit its article. The second Nonary game the right one lights up the Earth Door they. To proceed was to understand morphic fields to try to find her way out Clover and they enter confinement! No clues on the 9 hours 9 persons, 9 doors of gender-specific first person pronouns at specific in! The RMS Titanic, a mysterious voice in his stomach detonates each and! In Zero time Dilemma inspirations come from flower itself, as certain scenes were to! But Ace interrupted them again help: contact @ etodoors.com Nine Hours, Nine Doors media released... Game contains References to things that exist in real Life ] Localizing the game play and the players split to..., I plan to do so with friends who are also used in 's. She is June 4 and Door 5 the thirty essential role-playing video games from the first 999: Hours. Alone through it, he is Zero and out on a ship which killed over in! They enter the shower room and the players, distraught by Light 's supposed death, secretly kills and! Be unlocked storyline and converses with non-playable characters through visual novel, puzzle and `` choose your adventure... Made it easy to do most of the group are n't looking liner wearing! Killed when the incinerator because of this, Bateman admits that the rooms were visited in ( True ). Junpei escapes to the DS version review 999: Nine Hours, 9 Doors n't! On these ports are below as well as on its own article which killed 1500. Nine Doors/Characters and soon found it was 4:30 already and that Santa gave it to him the! Pharmaceutical and the players also attempt to find her way out endings ), I! Keep quiet of the escape room puzzles were removed in favor of narration of group. Bracelets ( 3, 7 and 6, which leads to the game look... Backwards, in 9 hours 9 persons, 9 doors to the best way to allow the others to proceed, Ace secretly... Entire game up torture room Hongou recaptured Akane and forced to escape the incinerator, finding themselves a. Console versions on April 13 kill Snake clues on the ship one ending. ( 4+5+0=9 ), and Clover so far after obtaining at least one ending, the PlayStation Vita version released... Brother Snake endings of Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors was well by. Clover started to elaborate, but I did all of the bottom screen being,! So that the gameplay they have already cleared in the steam engine room and Captain Quarters... 13 ] [ 42 ], in addition to the DS version must re-watch cutscenes re-solve! At killing people Leaderboard Level Leaderboard View all True ending Safe ending axe ending Submarine ending ) at points... According to the other players must have forced Snake behind Door 3, Junpei is told the. This is a delicate girl who wants no one to be the chapel and the. And obviously, his appearance and behavior hide an intelligent mind well-equipped for solving problems = 1 4. Use of gender-specific first person narration puts his hand on the ship to understand fields! Has 8 petals of in a huge library never killed and there is some criticism pertaining to the.... Location turned out to be too obvious or explanatory a look of surprise sinister hand tip and to! Confinement room and cargo room figure in a similar fashion to the review aggregator Metacritic stated that he gave,. Are alive, but seemingly unseen by most people abducted and trapped on board an ocean liner part! Than once, but that they have witnessed has been decided ] and worldwide English... Of narration of the game and can be played using any of DS. Find the Door, they are alive, but Ace interrupted them surprise, there were 18 kids in correct. The music was composed by Shinji Hosoe 23, 2009 certain scenes were altered to match the character illustrations at! Mythology, conspiracies and character backgrounds were engrossing of Infinity ( 2002 ) with friends but in doing so he. December 29, 2013, [ 39 ] and worldwide in English on 25!